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Tesla Model 3: Lane Changes

Navigate on Autopilot changes lanes to either prepare Model 3 for an upcoming off-ramp, to increase your driving speed (not to exceed your set cruising speed), or to move Model 3 out of a left-most lane when you are not passing other vehicles. A message displays at the top of the map's turn-by-turn direction list to notify you when an upcoming lane change is required to stay on your navigation route.

The line on the touchscreen shows the upcoming driving path:

Lane Changes

When the touchscreen displays a message asking you to confirm the lane change, engage the appropriate turn signal. If you do not confirm the lane change within three seconds, a chime sounds to remind you that Navigate on Autopilot requires your confirmation to change lanes.

If Require Lane Change Confirmation is turned off, Navigate on Autopilot engages the appropriate turn signal, checks for vehicles and objects, and when appropriate, maneuvers Model 3 into the adjacent lane.

If Require Lane Change Confirmation is turned on, you must engage the appropriate turn signal to confirm that you want Navigate on Autopilot to make the lane change. If you do not confirm the lane change within three seconds, a chime sounds to remind you that Navigate on Autopilot requires your confirmation to change lanes.

Note: If you ignore a route-based lane change suggestion (for example, you are driving in the left lane while approaching an off-ramp on the right side of the highway), Navigate on Autopilot will be unable to maneuver onto the off-ramp and as a result, the navigation system will re-route you to your destination.

Warning: Navigate on Autopilot may not always attempt to exit at an off-ramp or change lanes, even when an exit or lane change is determined by the navigation route. Always remain alert and be prepared to manually steer onto an offramp, or make a lane change to prepare for, or to exit at, an off-ramp or interchange.

Be Ready to Assist

When attempting to change lanes or maneuver Model 3, or when approaching construction zones, Navigate on Autopilot may be unable to determine the appropriate driving lane (for example, complex clover leafs and multi-lane off-ramps) and the touchscreen displays an alert indicating that Navigate on Autopilot is trying to maneuver and may require assistance. When you see the message, be prepared to take immediate action to ensure that it is safe and appropriate to complete the lane change or maneuver.


Autosteer and its associated functions are particularly unlikely to operate as intended when:

  • Autosteer is unable to accurately determine lane markings. For example, lane markings are excessively worn, have visible previous markings, have been adjusted due to road construction, are changing quickly (lanes branching off, crossing over, or merging), objects or landscape features are casting strong shadows on the lane markings, or the road surface contains pavement seams or other high-contrast lines.
  • Visibility is poor (heavy rain, snow, fog, etc.) or weather conditions are interfering with sensor operation.
  • A camera(s) or sensor(s) is obstructed, covered, or damaged.
  • Driving on hills.
  • Approaching a toll booth.
  • Driving on a road that has sharp curves or is excessively rough.
  • Bright light (such as direct sunlight) is interfering with the view of the camera(s).
  • The sensors are affected by other electrical equipment or devices that generate ultrasonic waves.
  • A vehicle is detected in your blind spot when you engage the turn signal.
  • Model 3 is being driven very close to a vehicle in front of it, which is blocking the view of the camera(s).

Warning: Many unforeseen circumstances can impair the operation of Autosteer.

Always keep this in mind and remember that as a result, Autosteer may not steer Model 3 appropriately. Always drive attentively and be prepared to take immediate action.



     To Use Autopark

    Autopark (if equipped) uses data from the ultrasonic sensors and GPS to simplify parking on public roads by maneuvering Model 3 into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. Warning: Autopark

     To Pause Parking

    To pause Autopark, press the brake pedal once. Model 3 stops and remains stopped until you touch Resume on the touchscreen. To Cancel Parking Autopark cancels the parking sequence when you manual


     Procedure (Single - Phase)

    SPECIAL TOOLS Insulation Multimeter, Fluke 1507 (NA) (1076921-00-B) Insulation Multimeter, Fluke 1587 (EMEA) (1076921-00-A) Insulat

     Turn Signals

    The turn signals flash three times or continuously, depending on how far up or down you move the lever. Lightly push the turn signal lever up or down for a three-flash sequence. For a continuous signal, push the lever fully up or down. The turn signals stop operating when canceled by the st

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