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Tesla Model 3: To Use Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

To use Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, you must be driving at least 18 mph (30 km/h), unless a vehicle is detected ahead of you. If a vehicle is detected ahead of you, you can use Traffic- Aware Cruise Control at any speed, even when stationary, provided Model 3 is at least 5 feet (150 cm) behind the detected vehicle.

When Traffic-Aware Cruise
Control is available but is not actively cruising at a specified set speed, the touchscreen displays a gray speedometer icon below your current driving speed.

The number shown in gray is your current driving speed, or the speed limit that is being determined by Speed Assist. If you engage Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, this is the cruising speed that will be set.

Note: On roads where the map data determines that a conditional speed limit exists (for example, a speed limit based on time of day or weather conditions), a second speed limit displays below the first speed limit.

It is the driver's responsibility to determine whether the conditional speed limit is currently in effect and adjust the driving speed accordingly.

Set the Cruising Speed

To set the cruising speed, move the cruise control lever fully down once then release.

This sets the cruising speed to the detected speed limit (plus any offset you've specified using Speed Assist as described in Controlling Speed Assist  or your current driving speed, whichever is greater.

Set the Cruising Speed

Release the accelerator pedal to allow Traffic- Aware Cruise Control to maintain your cruising speed.

When the cruising speed is
set, the speedometer icon on the touchscreen turns blue and displays the set cruising speed.

Note: Moving the gear level fully down twice in quick succession engages Autosteer and the set speed changes to either your current driving speed, or the current set speed (displayed in the icon), whichever is greater.

Note: The minimum speed you can set is 18 mph (30 km/h) and the maximum is 90 mph (150 km/h). It is the driver's responsibility to cruise at a safe speed based on road conditions and speed limits.

Warning: When cruising at the speed limit, the cruising speed does not change when the speed limit changes. If your driving speed is at or below the new speed limit, move the lever up to cancel Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, then move it back down again to re-initiate and cruise at the new speed limit. You can also manually adjust your cruising speed

Warning: Do not rely on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Speed Assist to determine an accurate or appropriate cruising speed. Always cruise at a safe speed based on road conditions and applicable speed limits.


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