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This webportal is the place where you will find useful information about your Tesla model 3: owner's and service manuals, electronic diagrams, spare parts catalog, video tips and instructions and much more. Our club forums are a platform for discussions, sharing experiences, tips and information about the Tesla Model 3 electric car. Members of this forum discuss topics such as car performance, charging, software updates and modifications.


Model 3: Ordering, Production, Delivery

package pricing, financing, leasing, production and delivery schedule

Model 3: Driving Dynamics

performance, drivetrain, traction/stability control, brakes, suspension, tires, safety

Model 3: Battery & Charging

range, battery & charger options, charge time, HPWC

Model 3: User Interface

touchscreen, apps, audio, connectivity, navigation, tech package, HVAC, door handles, key

Top 50 Tesla Tips & Tricks for Model 3

Model 3 Quick Tutorial

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