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Tesla Model 3: Seating and Safety Restraints

Tesla Model 3 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Seating and Safety Restraints

Important information on seat positioning, seat adjustments, and in-car safety restraints is included in this section.

It offers guidance on how to properly modify the driver's and passengers' seats to ensure the best possible comfort and vision whether operating a vehicle or traveling in one. For optimal comfort, the takom comes with instructions for modifying the headrest position, lumbar support, seat height, and backrest angle.

It also highlights how to use seat belts correctly, including how to place and attach them. It provides instructions on how to utilize seat belt extenders as needed to keep everyone safe while driving as well as how to correctly buckle up kids in car seats.

The airbag systems of the car, including the frontal, side, and curtain airbags, are also covered in this section. This clarifies why it's crucial to keep your seat in the appropriate location in relation to the airbag deployment zones for maximum safety.

This section covers kid safety lock configurations, how to use and install child seats or booster seats, and how to make sure that young passengers are safely buckled up in the car.


 Front and Rear Seats

 Correct Driving Position

The seat, head support, seat belt and airbags work together to maximize your safety. Using these correctly ensures greater protection. Position the seat so you can wear the seat belt correctly

 Head Supports

The front seats and outer rear seats include integrated head supports that are not adjustable. The rear center seat includes an adjustable head support that can be raised, lowered, or removed.


 Door Assembly - Charge Port (China) - Remove

  SPECIAL TOOLS Insulation Multimeter, Fluke 1508 (1076921-01-B) Test Probes, Slim, Fluke TP38 (1130480-00-A) Warning: Only technici

 Quad Camera Cover - Upper (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the lower quad camera cover. See Quad Camera Cover - Lower (Remove and Replace). Remove the rear view mirror. See Mirror - Rear View (Remove and Replace). Release the clips that attach the upper quad camera cover, disconnect the interior camera connector, and then remov

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