Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Front and Rear Seats


 Correct Driving Position

The seat, head support, seat belt and airbags work together to maximize your safety. Using these correctly ensures greater protection. Position the seat so you can wear the seat belt correctly

 Head Supports

The front seats and outer rear seats include integrated head supports that are not adjustable. The rear center seat includes an adjustable head support that can be raised, lowered, or removed.

 Seat Belts


 Fascia - Front (Remove)

Remove Remove the front license plate bracket. Remove the front fascia. Disconnect the electrical harness from the RH front turn signal/fog light connector. Release the clips that attach the electrical harness to the front turn signal/fog light. Remove the screws that attach

 Panel - Lower Rear - Center Console (Remove and Replace)

Remove Move the driver seat and front passenger seat fully forward. Note: Notice the location of the driver seat and front passenger seat prior to moving them forward to help restore the seats back into their original position. Release the clips that attach the center console lower rear

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