Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Opening and Closing



 Three Types of Keys

Model 3 supports three types of keys: Authenticated phone - You can set up your personal smartphone to communicate with Model 3 using Bluetooth. Supports automatic locking and unlocking as

 Key Card

Tesla provides you with two Model 3 key cards, designed to fit in your wallet. Tap your Model 3 key card on one of its card readers, located on the driver's side door pillar and on the center


 Volume Control

Roll the scroll button on the left side of the steering wheel up or down to increase or decrease volume respectively. The scroll button adjusts the volume for media, navigation instructions, or phone calls, based on what is currently being heard through the speakers. You can also adjust the vo

 Trim - Side - Trunk - LH (Remove and Replace)- Install

Install Connect the electrical connector to the puddle lamp. Install the push clips that attach the LH trunk side trim to the vehicle. Install the trunk garnish. See Garnish - Trunk (Remove and Replace) Install the trunk sill trim panel. See Trim - Sill - Trunk (Remove and Replace).

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