Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Opening and Closing

This section contains detailed instructions on how to operate the various components of the Tesla Model 3. It covers important things such as keys, doors, trunk, windows, sunroof and glass roof, child safety locks.

In this section you will find instructions on how to open and close the door using the outer and inner door handles, as well as the key fob function. It also explains how to open and close the trunk, including manual closing procedures. Information on access and closing of the front baggage (luggage) compartment is also provided.

Detailed instructions for operating windows, controlling window locking parameters and using remote functions using a key fob. If the Model 3 option includes a sunroof or glass roof, there are instructions on how to open and close those items using the touchscreen controls or the key fob.

It also contains information on activating and deactivating child safety locks on the rear doors to prevent them from being opened from the inside.

Attention is also paid here to the correct use of the Glove Box, Coat Hangers, Installation of the phone charging cable. Overall, after reading this information, owners will have a clear understanding of the proper procedures for operating and protecting the Tesla Model 3, promoting convenience and safety while using the vehicle.



 Three Types of Keys

Model 3 supports three types of keys: Authenticated phone - You can set up your personal smartphone to communicate with Model 3 using Bluetooth. Supports automatic locking and unlocking as

 Key Card

Tesla provides you with two Model 3 key cards, designed to fit in your wallet. Tap your Model 3 key card on one of its card readers, located on the driver's side door pillar and on the center


 Light - Fog / Reverse - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the trunk lid trim. See Trim - Lid - Trunk (Remove and Replace). Disconnect the electrical wiring harness connector from the LH rear fog/reverse light. Remove the nut that attaches the LH rear fog/reverse light to the trunk lid. Torque 3.2 Nm Remove the LH rea

 Sensor - Airbag - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the front LH wheel arch liner. See Wheel Arch Liner - Front - LH (Remove and Replace). Disconnect the electrical wiring harness connector from the LH front airbag sensor. Remove the bolt that attaches the airbag sensor to the front end carrier, and then remove the s

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