Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Windows

Opening and Closing

Press down on a switch to lower the associated window. Window switches operate at two levels:

  • To lower a window fully, press the switch all the way down and immediately release.
  • To lower a window partially, press the switch gently and release when the window is where you want it.

Opening and Closing

Similarly, pull a switch to raise the associated window:

  • To raise a window fully, pull the switch all the way up and immediately release.
  • To raise a window partially, pull the switch gently and release when the window is where you want it.

Note: See Cold Weather Best Practices  for information on preparing windows for cold weather.

Caution: When exiting the vehicle, be careful not to unintentionally press the window switches, as they may lower the windows on the driver or other doors.

Caution: Closing the door while the window is fully raised (for example, if manually raised) can damage the windows or the vehicle. Ensure the window is slightly lowered before closing the door.

Warning: Before closing a window, it is the driver's responsibility to ensure that all occupants, especially children, do not have any body parts extended through the window's opening. Failure to do so can cause serious injury.

Locking Rear Windows

To prevent passengers from using the rear window switches, touch Controls > Quick Controls > Window Lock. To unlock the rear windows, touch Window Lock again.

Warning: To ensure safety, it is recommended that you lock the rear window switches whenever children are seated in the rear seats.

Warning: Never leave children unattended in Model 3.

Calibrating Windows

In the unlikely event that a window behaves unexpectedly (touches the bright molding, fails to open or close properly, goes down more than normal when the door opens, etc.), you can calibrate it to potentially fix the issue.

To calibrate a window:

  1. Close the door with the affected window.
  2. Sit in the driver's seat and close the driver door.
  3. Use the driver window switch to raise the affected window until it stalls.
  4. Use the driver window switch to lower the affected window until it stalls.
  5. Use the driver window switch to raise the affected window until it stalls.

The window should now be calibrated. If the issue continues after attempting the calibration procedure a couple times, contact Tesla.


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