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Tesla Model 3: Interior Storage and Electronics

Tesla Model 3 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Opening and Closing / Interior Storage and Electronics



To open the glovebox, touch Controls > Glovebox on the bottom corner of the touchscreen. The glovebox automatically opens and its light turns on. To close the glovebox, push it upward until i

 Installing Phone Charging Cable

To make it easy to connect your phone while keeping the console free of clutter, you can install a phone charging cable in Model 3. Note: The phone dock supports two phones side-by-side. To i

 Rear Console

Your Model 3 has a rear console integrated in the center of the second row seat back. Pull the console down to access the rear cup holders, or use it as an armrest. Coat Hangers Your Model 3


 Beam - 12V Battery (RWD) - Install

Install Install the 12V battery bracket beam on the vehicle. Caution: Keep the 12V battery ground terminal away to avoid catching between the beam and the bracket. Install the bolts that attach the 12V battery bracket beam to the body. Torque 9 Nm Install the bolts that attach the fr

 Brace - Shock Tower (Remove and Replace)

Remove Open all the doors. Lower all the windows. Remove the 2nd row lower seat cushion. Remove the rear underhood apron. Remove the cabin intake duct. Remove the underhood storage unit Disconnect the 12V power. Remove the 12V auxiliary battery. Support the A/C compressor from below.

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