Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Overview

Tesla Model 3 OverviewThis section provides the main information about the Tesla Model 3 car, describing its key characteristics, technologies and capabilities.

Here is a general description of the interior and exterior, including details about the interior design, materials used, seating configuration, storage space and other amenities for the comfort of your car. Also described is the appearance of the car, its new features, including design elements, lighting systems, aerodynamics, mirrors, location of cameras and sensors.

A quick guide to using the center touchscreen is also provided here. It covers navigation, main settings, media controls, climate control, helpful tips, energy monitoring and software updates, allowing drivers to efficiently access and control the various features and functions of their Model 3.


 Interior Overview & Exterior Overview

Interior Overview   Door open button High beams, turn signals and wipers and washers Horn Gear selector, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer Touchscreen

 Touchscreen Overview

The features and information you need to drive Model 3 are displayed on the touchscreen. When driving, the touchscreen displays driving-related information such as driving speed, vehicle range, warn

 Opening and Closing

This section contains detailed instructions on how to operate the various components of the Tesla Model 3. It covers important things such as keys, doors, trunk, windows, sunroof and glass roof, child


 Hose - Supply - Powertrain (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the HV battery. See HV Battery (RWD) (Remove and Install). Release the clip and disconnect the powertrain supply hose fitting from the RH underside of the penthouse. Release the clips (x5) that attach the powertrain supply (upper) hose to the RH side of the HV battery,

 Remove Dirt Inclusion

Apply isopropyl alcohol to the general area of the defect, and then wipe the area with a clean microfiber towel. While wearing a nitrile glove, run hand over the area around the dirt inclusion and check for fine bumps in the paint. If bumps are detected, perform clay treatment on the

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