Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Overview


 Interior Overview & Exterior Overview

Interior Overview   Door open button High beams, turn signals and wipers and washers Horn Gear selector, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer Touchscreen

 Touchscreen Overview

The features and information you need to drive Model 3 are displayed on the touchscreen. When driving, the touchscreen displays driving-related information such as driving speed, vehicle range, warn

 Opening and Closing


 Phone Tray - Center Console (Remove and Replace)

Remove Open both the forward and rearward center console rotating lids. Remove and secure the customer's belongings from the phone tray, if needed. Remove the phone dock mat from the center console. If any cables are installed into the center console phone tray routing, raise t

 Forward Facing (Target Calibration)

SPECIAL TOOLS Camera Calibration Target (1053066-00-A) Wrench, 2.5mm, Thin (1448868-00-A) Note: This procedure describes how to calibrate the forward facing cameras. It does not apply to the rear facing camera. Setup Park the vehicle on a flat surface with at least 106 cm (3.5 ft) of space in

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