Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Specifications

Identification Labels

Vehicle Identification Number

You can find the VIN at the following locations:

  • Touch the Tesla "T" at the top center of the touchscreen. The popup window displays the VIN.
  • Stamped on a plate located at the top of the dashboard. Can be seen by looking through the windshield.

Vehicle Identification Number

  • Printed on the Vehicle Certification label, located on the door pillar. Can be seen when the driver's door is open.

Vehicle Identification Number

Emission Control Label

The emission control label is located on the opening face of the rear trunk.


 Vehicle Loading

 Load Capacity Labeling

It is important to understand how much weight your Model 3 can safely carry. This weight is called the vehicle capacity weight and includes the weight of all occupants, cargo and any additional eq

 Vehicle Certification Label

The Vehicle Certification label provides: GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The maximum allowable total mass of Model 3. This is calculated as the weight of Model 3, all passengers, fluids


 Ski - Center Rail - HV Battery (Dual Motor)-Install

Install the PTC heater and A/C compressor electrical harness into the sides of the HV battery center rail ski. Install the HV battery to front drive unit harness into the center of the HV battery center rail ski. Install the cap cover at the rear of the HV battery center rail ski.

 Trim - Side - Trunk - RH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the RH 2nd row seat back. See Seat Back - 2nd Row - RH (Remove and Install). Remove the RH side trunk carpet clips (x2) from the body studs located under the 2nd row seat cushion. Raise the trunk carpet over the ISOFIX bars on the RH side. Remove the trunk sill tri

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