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Tesla Model 3: Attaching Upper Tether Straps

If an upper tether strap is provided, attach its hook to the anchor point located on the shelf behind the rear seats.

Note: The location of anchor points may not be readily visible but can be found by identifying a slice in the seat's material.

Warning: Tighten upper tether straps according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the child safety seat.


Attaching Upper Tether Straps

To access an anchor point, press down on the back of its cover.

Attaching Upper Tether Straps

For dual-strap tethers, position a strap on each side of the head support.

Attaching Upper Tether Straps

For single-strap tethers at the outboard seating positions, run the strap over the outside-facing side of the head support (same side of the head support as the seat belt retraction mechanism).

Attaching Upper Tether Straps

For a single-strap tether in the center seating position, fully lower the head support and run the strap over the top center of the head support.

Attaching Upper Tether Straps

Testing a Child Safety Seat

Before seating a child, always make sure the child safety seat is not loose:

  1. Hold the child safety seat by the belt path and try to slide the safety seat from side to side and front to back.
  2. If the seat moves more than one inch (2.5 cm), it is too loose. Tighten the belt or reconnect the LATCH retained child safety seat.
  3. If you are unable to reduce slack, try a different seat location or try another child safety seat.


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