Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Best Practices


 Electrical Precautions

General Avoid getting grease on electrical components and connectors. Grease collects dirt, which can cause electrical tracking (short circuits) or high resistance. Handle printed circuit boards (PCB

 12V Battery

The 12V battery used in Model 3 is similar to the lead acid batteries used in most internal combustion engine vehicles. Lead acid batteries are sometimes referred to as "flooded" because they are fi

 Grease for Electrical Connectors

Some underhood and underbody connectors might be protected against corrosion by the application of a special grease during vehicle assembly. Apply the appropriate grease when repairing or replacing


 Drive to Calibrate Cameras

Model 3 must maneuver with a great deal of precision when Autopilot features are being used. Therefore, before some features (for example, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer) can be used for the first time or after certain Service repairs, the cameras must complete a self-calibration pr

 ECU - Charge Port (Remove and Replace)

Remove Open the trunk. Remove the LH trunk side trim. See Trim - Side - Trunk - LH (Remove and Replace). Disconnect 12V power. See 12V Power (Disconnect a

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