Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Cleaning the Interior

Frequently inspect and clean the interior to maintain its appearance and to prevent premature wear. If possible, immediately wipe up spills and remove marks. For general cleaning, wipe interior surfaces using a soft cloth (such as microfiber) dampened with a mixture of warm water and mild nondetergent cleaner (test all cleaners on a concealed area before use). To avoid streaks, dry immediately with a soft lint-free cloth.

Interior Glass

Do not scrape, or use any abrasive cleaning fluid on glass or mirrored surfaces. This can damage the reflective surface of the mirror and the heating elements in the rear window.


Do not allow any substance to enter an airbag cover. This could affect correct operation.

Dashboard and Plastic Surfaces

Do not polish the upper surfaces of the dashboard. Polished surfaces are reflective and could interfere with your driving view.

Polyurethane Seats

Wipe spills as soon as possible using a soft cloth moistened with warm water and nondetergent soap. Wipe gently in a circular motion. After cleaning, allow the seats to air dry.

Be careful with dyes, such as from clothing or denim, that come into contact with the seats.

Dyes can diffuse into the seat material over time and cause staining.

Caution: Aftermarket, non-Tesla seat covers may inhibit the sensitivity of seat sensors and may cause staining or damage.

Cloth Seats

Wipe spills as soon as possible using a soft cloth moistened with warm water and nondetergent soap. Wipe gently in a circular motion. Then wipe dry using a soft, lint-free cloth. Vacuum the seats as needed to remove any loose dirt.


Avoid over-wetting carpets. For heavily soiled areas, use a diluted upholstery cleaner.

Seat Belts

Extend the belts to wipe. Do not use any type of detergent or chemical cleaning agent.

Allow the belts to dry naturally while extended, preferably away from direct sunlight.


Clean the touchscreen using a soft lint-free cloth specifically designed to clean monitors and displays. Do not use cleaners (such as a glass cleaner) and do not use a wet wipe or a dry statically-charged cloth (such as a recently washed microfiber). To wipe the touchscreen without activating buttons and changing settings, you can enable Screen Clean Mode.

Touch Controls > Display > Screen Clean Mode. The display darkens to make it easy to see dust and smudges. To exit Screen Clean Mode, press and hold HOLD TO EXIT.

Chrome and Metal Surfaces

Polish, abrasive cleaners or hard cloths can damage the finish on chrome and metal surfaces.

Cautions for Interior Cleaning

Caution: Using solvents (including alcohol), bleach, citrus, naphtha, or silicone-based products or additives on interior components can cause damage.

Caution: Statically-charged materials can cause damage to the touchscreen.

Warning: If you notice any damage on an airbag or seat belt, contact Tesla immediately.

Warning: Do not allow any water, cleaners, or fabric to enter a seat belt mechanism.

Warning: Exposure to chemical cleaners can be hazardous and can irritate eyes and skin. Read and observe the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the chemical cleaner.


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