Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Climate Controls


 Overview of Climate Controls

Climate controls are always available at the bottom of the touchscreen. To turn the climate control system on, touch the fan icon or adjust the cabin temperature. To turn it off, touch the fan ic

 Adjusting Climate Control Settings

To override the Auto setting, touch the fan icon, turn off the Auto setting, then use the buttons that appear to manually adjust settings. In addition to the settings shown, if Model 3 is in P

 Adjusting the Front Vents

Model 3 has a unique horizontal face-level vent that spans the width of the dashboard. Using the touchscreen, you can pinpoint exactly where you want to direct the air flowing from this vent whe


 Knuckle - Suspension - Front - LH (Dual Motor) - Install

Install Rest the LH front drive unit half shaft in the LH front suspension knuckle, and then install a new nut that attaches the knuckle to the lower lateral link. Torque 180 Nm Install a new nut that attaches the LH front lower compliance link to the LH front suspension knuckle.


This section illustrates a number of driving-related topics. The first section goes over how to operate the different controls, including the parking brake, gas and brake pedals, steering wheel, and gear selector. It also examines the many driving modes that the Model 3 offers, including Sport mode

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