Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Identification Numbers


 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

VIN Locations The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is visible in the following locations: The bottom corner of the driver side of the windshield The label on the driver door jamb On the t

 Serial Numbers

Tesla labels or engraves serial numbers on its parts. Tesla serial numbers are 14 digits and alphanumeric. Tesla serial numbers are encoded. Use this system to decode a Tesla serial number: Digits 1

 Fluids and Capacities

Fluids Component / System Description Air Conditioning Depending on its intended sales region, the air conditioning system is filled with R134a or R1234yf refrigera


 Opening/ Closing

Opening To open the front trunk: Ensure that the area around the hood is free of obstacles.  Touch the associated OPEN button on the touchscreen, double-click the front trunk button on the key fob accessory, or touch the front trunk button on the mobile app.  Pull the hood

 Vent - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the vent finisher. See Finisher - Vent (Remove and Replace). Remove the screw that attaches the LH front vent, and then pull out the LH side of the LH front vent to release it from the instrument panel. Torque 2.3 Nm Disconnect the electrical connector from the LH f

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