Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Serial Numbers

Tesla labels or engraves serial numbers on its parts. Tesla serial numbers are 14 digits and alphanumeric. Tesla serial numbers are encoded.

Use this system to decode a Tesla serial number:

Digits 1-3

Build Site Code
*** = Unique 3 character code assigned by Tesla to each part manufacturing site producing parts for Tesla. Use of "T" as digit 1 is reserved for Tesla manufacturing sites.
TG1 = Tesla Gigafactory 1
TFR = Tesla Fremont

Digits 4-5

Build Year

17 = 2017
18 = 2018
** = Last 2 numbers of the year (2019, 2020, etc.)

Digits 6-8

Build Day
001 = January 1st
365 = December 31st (non-leap year)
** = Day of the year

Digits 9-14

Unique ID Code
****** = Comprised of 6 alphanumeric characters, numbers 0-9 and capital letters A-Z. Format is not dictated and may use these digits in any way. Sequential incrementing is not required.

For example, the serial number TFR170081A7115 encodes this information:

  • xxxxxxxxxxx

The build site was Tesla Fremont

  • xxxxxxxxxxxx

Built in 2017

  • xxxxxxxxxxx

Built on January 8th

  • xxxxxxxx

Unique ID code of "1A7115"

Drive Unit Number

The drive unit number is enscribed on the inverter casting (left side of the drive unit) and is also printed on a label that is affixed to the top of the motor.

Manufacturing Certification Label

A manufacturing certification label is affixed to the driver side door jamb.

Manufacturing Certification Label

Vehicle Paint Codes

The vehicle paint code is printed in the lower left hand corner of the manufacturing certification label. This label is affixed to the driver door jamb.

Paint Code Paint Color
PBSB Solid Black
PMNG Midnight Silver Metallic
PPSB Deep Blue Metallic
PMSS Silver Metallic
PPSW Pearl White Multi-Coat
PPMR Red Multi-Coat

Wheel paint codes:

Paint Code

Paint Color

Applicable Wheel Size


Magneto Metallic Shadow



Sonic Silver



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