Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Phone


 Bluetooth Compatibility

You can use your Bluetooth-capable phone hands-free in Model 3 provided your phone is within operating range. Although Bluetooth typically supports wireless communication over distances of up to a

 Connecting to a Paired Phone

Model 3 automatically connects with the last phone to which it was connected, provided it is within operating range and has Bluetooth turned on. If the last phone is not within range, it attempts


Overview The Calendar app allows you to view scheduled events from your phone's (iPhone or Android) calendar for the current and next day. The Calendar is conveniently integrated with navigation


 Motor - Seat Tilt - Driver Seat (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the driver seat. See Seat - Driver (Remove and Replace). Remove the driver seat outer side cover. See Cover - Outer Side - Driver Seat (Remove and Install). Disconnect the electrical harness from the driver seat tilt motor connector. Remove the bolts that attach t

 Harness - Body - LH- Install

Install Install the LH body harness into the vehicle. Install a new bolt to attach the electrical harness ground strap to the body in the charge port area. Torque 8 Nm Connect the electrical harness to the charge port ECU connectors. Fasten the clips that attach the electrical har

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