Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Introduction


 How to Use this Manual

General Caution: Only qualified technicians should attempt to perform the procedures contained within this manual. This manual is organized by vehicle subsystem. Click on a subsystem in the lef

 Repairs and Replacements

Only use Tesla recommended parts. Warning: Non-Tesla recommended parts might adversely affect safety features and corrosion prevention treatments. Warning: Always use the correct torque values as gi

 Abbreviations and Symbols

Abbreviation Term A/C Air Conditioning ABS Anti-Lock Brake System AC Alternating Current ACC Acc


 Headlight - LH- Install

Install Install the LH headlight to the vehicle. Caution: Do not damage the headlight during installation. Install the fastener(s) that attach the LH headlight to the body.  Torque 5.9 Nm Install the bolt that attaches the fender bracket to the body. Torque 3 Nm Connec

 Platter Enclosure Coolant Leak Test

SPECIAL TOOLS Drive Unit Pressure Test Fixture (1053600-00-C) Kit, Coolant Leak Test Adapters, Model 3 (1132185-00-B) Kit, Coolant Drain & Fill Adapters, M3 (1133843-00-A) Kit, Svc Plug, Cooling Hose, Model 3 (1135762-00-A) Procedure Disconnect 12V power. See 12V Power (Disconnect and Connect

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