Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Software Update Preferences

You can choose how quickly and often you receive software updates. To change your preference, navigate to Controls > Software > Software Update Preferences and choose either of these options:

  • STANDARD: Receive software updates using the normal rollout timeframe for your region and vehicle configuration.

    When a software release is made available it has generally been running on other customer vehicles for a period of time.

  • ADVANCED: Receive the latest software updates for your region and vehicle configuration as soon as they are available. Tesla determines how, when, and where to send updates to vehicles based on various factors unique to each release.

    Keep in mind that although you receive updates as soon as they are available for your specific vehicle, you may not be in the first Tesla group of Tesla owners to receive the update. Choosing Advanced does not enroll your vehicle in Tesla's early access program.

Note: Tesla does not update software upon request for those wanting to receive the latest features and improvements. Selecting ADVANCED and consistently connecting to Wi-Fi is the best way to receive the latest software updates.

Note: The software update window persists until you install the update. You must install a software update as soon it becomes available.

Any harm resulting from failure to install a software update is not covered by the vehicle's warranty. Failure or refusal to install updates can cause some vehicle features to become inaccessible, digital media devices to become incompatible, and can limit Tesla's ability to diagnose and service your vehicle.

Note: Reverting to a previous software version is not possible.

If the touchscreen displays a message indicating that a software update was not successfully completed, contact Tesla.


If Model 3 is charging when the software update begins, charging stops. Charging resumes automatically when the software update is complete. If you are driving Model 3 at the scheduled update time, the update is canceled and must be rescheduled.

Viewing Release Notes

When a software update is complete, read the release notes displayed on the touchscreen to learn about changes or new features. To display release notes about the current version of your vehicle's software at any time, touch the Tesla "T" at the top center of the touchscreen, then touch Release Notes. You can also view the release notes by touching Controls > Software.

Tesla strongly recommends reading all release notes. They may contain important safety information or operating instructions for your Model 3.



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