Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Tire Care and Maintenance


 Maintaining Tire Pressures

Keep tires inflated to the pressures shown on the Tire and Loading Information label, even if it differs from the pressure printed on the tire itself. The Tire and Loading Information label is loc

 Inspecting and Maintaining Tires

Regularly inspect the tread and side walls for any sign of distortion (bulges), foreign objects, cuts or wear. Warning: Do not drive Model 3 if a tire is damaged, excessively worn, or inflated to

 Replacing Tires and Wheels

Tires degrade over time due to the effects of ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, high loads, and environmental conditions. It is recommended that tires are replaced every six years, or soone


 Power Conversion System- Install

Install Consider your first step. If the removed power conversion system is to be reinstalled, go to step 5. If a replacement power conversion system is to be installed, continue to the next step. Remove the shipping plugs from the replacement power conversion system. Tilt the power

 Mirror - Rear View (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the lower quad camera cover. See Quad Camera Cover - Lower (Remove and Replace). Grip the rear view mirror stalk, and then turn counterclockwise to release the rear view mirror. Caution: Do not turn the rear view mirror itself. Disconnect the electrical connector f

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