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Tesla Model 3: Charging Locations

Supercharger locations always display on the map, represented by red pins that you can touch to display more information, navigate to it, or mark it as a favorite. The pin itself reveals information about the Supercharger location:

The Supercharger location is
operational. At locations with multiple Superchargers, a row of bars displays above the icon, with each bar representing a Supercharger. If a Supercharger is in use, the bar is filled in to provide a quick visual that indicates how many Superchargers are currently being used at the location.

Note: A supercharger pin is colored black if the supercharger is on your current navigation route.

The Supercharger location may be
out of operation or is operating at a reduced capacity. Touch the pin to display details.

When you touch the pin for a Supercharger location, a popup displays information, including the total number of Superchargers, the number of Superchargers available, the address of the Supercharger location, and its approximate distance from your current location. The popup also displays amenities that are available at the Supercharger location, including restrooms, restaurants, lodging, shopping, and Wi-Fi.

Touch the map's charging icon to display all nearby charging stations of the map. In addition to the Superchargers that are always displayed, the map shows destination chargers and any public charging stations that you have previously used. Display details about a charging location by touching its pin.

The location is equipped with a
Tesla Wall Connector. Touch to display more information such as usage restrictions and available charge current. The charging list also displays your proximity to these charging stations.

Note: When the map is zoomed out and more than one Tesla Wall Connector is available in an area, the pin is round and displays the number of stations. Touch the pin to zoom in. Then you can touch an individual pins for details about a specific charging location.

Note: When navigating to a Supercharger location, Model 3 may allocate energy to preheat the Battery, ensuring you arrive at the Supercharger with the optimal Battery temperature, reducing the amount of time it takes to charge. In some circumstances (such as cold weather), it is normal for the front motor to make noise as it generates heat to warm the Battery

Predicting Energy Usage

When navigating to a destination, Model 3 helps you anticipate your charging needs by calculating the amount of energy that remains when you reach your destination. The calculation is an estimate based on driving style (predicted speed, etc.) and environmental factors (elevation changes, temperature, etc.). When navigating, the map displays this calculation at the bottom of the expanded turn-by-turn direction list. When the turn-byturn direction list is compressed, touch the top of the list to expand it.

Throughout your route, Model 3 monitors energy usage and updates the calculation. A popup warning displays at the bottom of the turn-by-turn direction list in these situations:

  • A yellow warning displays when you have very little energy remaining to reach your destination and should drive slowly to conserve energy. For tips on conserving energy
  • A red warning displays when you must charge to reach your destination.

If you also want to know if you have enough energy for a round trip, touch the energy calculation to display an estimate of your round trip energy usage.


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