Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Maps and Navigation



The touchscreen displays a map at all times. To move the map in any direction, hold and drag a finger. To rotate the map in any direction, hold and turn two fingers. To set the map's orien


To navigate to a location, touch Navigate, send the destination from your phone, or speak a voice command. You can enter or speak an address, landmark, business, etc. You can also choose a saved H

 Charging Locations

Supercharger locations always display on the map, represented by red pins that you can touch to display more information, navigate to it, or mark it as a favorite. The pin itself reveals informati


 ECU - Headlight - Install

Install Connect the LH headlight ECU connector, and then position the ECU onto the headlight. Note: Position the seal to the headlight ECU, if necessary. Note: Align the electrical connector to the headlight ECU, and then close the locking tab while pushing the connector into the headlight ECU

 Drive Unit - Front - Install

Install Lower the front drive unit onto the front subframe. Note: Make sure not to move the rear front drive unit support posts from their previous positions.

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