Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Online Routing

Model 3 detects real-time traffic conditions and automatically adjusts the estimated driving and arrival times based on traffic. In situations where traffic conditions will delay your estimated time of arrival and an alternate route is available, the navigation system can reroute you to your destination. To turn this feature on or off, touch the map's settings icon, then touch Online Routing. You can also specify the minimum amount of minutes that must be saved before you are rerouted by touching the arrows associated with the Re-Route if it saves more than setting.

Trip Planner

Trip Planner (available in some market regions) helps you take longer road trips with confidence. If reaching your destination requires charging, Trip Planner routes you through the appropriate Supercharger locations. Trip Planner selects a route and provides charging times to minimize the amount of time you spend driving and charging. To enable Trip Planner, touch the map's settings icon, then touch Trip Planner.

When Trip Planner is enabled and charging is required to reach your destination, the turnby- turn direction list includes Supercharger stops and a recommended charging time at each Supercharger, and an estimate of how much energy will be available when you arrive at the Supercharger.

Note: When navigating to a Supercharger using Trip Planner, your vehicle will allocate some energy to pre-heat the Battery. The vehicle arrives at the Supercharger with an optimal Battery temperature, reducing the amount of time it takes to charge

To remove Supercharger stops and display only directions, touch Remove charging stops at the bottom of the list of directions (if you remove charging stops, the turn-by-turn direction list may display an alert indicating that charging is needed to reach your destination). To add Supercharger stops to the directions, touch Add charging stops.

While charging at a Supercharger, the charging screen displays the remaining charging time needed to drive to your next Supercharger stop, or destination (if no further charging is needed). If you charge for a shorter or longer length of time, the charging time for subsequent Supercharger stops is adjusted.

Note: You can also monitor remaining charging time needed in the Tesla Mobile App.

Note: If a Supercharger located on your route experiences an outage, Trip Planner displays a notification and reroutes you to a different Supercharger location.

If Trip Planner estimates that you won't have enough energy for your round trip, and there are no Superchargers available on your route, Trip Planner displays an alert at the top of the turn-by-turn direction list notifying you that charging is needed to reach your destination.

Recent, Favorite, Home and Work Destinations

When you touch Navigate on the map, a list of Recent destinations appear and you can easily navigate to any recent destination by selecting it from the list.

If you frequently drive to a destination, you may want to add it as a favorite to avoid having to enter the location's name or address each time. When you add a destination as a Favorite, you can easily navigate to it by touching Navigate > Favorites and then selecting it from the list of favorites.

To add a destination to your
Favorites list touch its pin on the map, then touch the heart icon on the popup window that appears. You will be prompted to name the Favorite. Enter a name (or leave as-is to accept the default name), then touch Add to Favorites. The heart becomes solid gray and the destination is included on the Favorites list.

To delete a Recent or Favorite destination, touch and hold it down briefly, then touch the X that appears.

The top of the navigation list also provides shortcuts for Home and Work locations. Touch to set an address to either of these locations.

After entering the address, touch SAVE AS HOME or SAVE AS WORK. Then simply touch these shortcuts whenever you want to navigate home or to work.

To change the location associated with Home or Work, press and hold the shortcut icon and enter a new address in the popup window. To delete, press and hold the shortcut button, then touch CLEAR HOME or CLEAR WORK.

Note: Based on your usage patterns, you may be prompted to save a location as Home or Work.

Note: Once a Home or Work location is saved, Model 3 may prompt you to navigate to your Work location in the mornings and to your Home location in the evenings and tell you how long it will take to arrive based on current traffic conditions.

For security reasons, if you sell Model 3, it is recommended that you delete your Home and Work Locations. You can delete these individually or you can perform a factory reset to erase all personal data

Map Updates

As updated maps become available, they are automatically sent to Model 3 over Wi-Fi. To ensure you receive them, periodically connect Model 3 to a Wi-Fi network. The touchscreen displays a message informing you when new maps are installed.


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