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Tesla Model 3: Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )


  1. Open the rear LH door, pass a shop towel halfway through the striker, and then close the door so that it rests against the shop towel.
  2. Remove the rear LH door glass.
  3. Remove the LH rear door outer belt seal.
  4. Remove the LH rear window regulator.  See  Window Motor / Regulator Assembly - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace).
  5. Remove the LH rear door latch. See Latch - Door - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace).
  6. Remove the LH rear door exterior release handle. See Handle - Exterior Release - Door - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace).

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. Remove the button plugs from the bottom of the door.
  2. Open the front LH door, and partially close the rear LH door.

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. Release the clips (x4) of the rear LH door electrical harness seal at the B-pillar, and pull the wiring harness out of the B-pillar bulkhead.
  2. Pull the rear LH door wiring harness connector out of the B-pillar, and then tuck the harness into the cavity at the front of the rear LH door.
  3. Carefully open the rear LH door, and then close the front LH door.


Do not allow the leading edge of the rear LH door to crush the wiring harness or connector against the B-pillar.

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. Disconnect the rear LH door electrical harness, and then rotate the connector exiting the B-pillar 90 degrees, so as to prevent the connector from falling back into the B-pillar.

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. Release all door electrical harness clips.
  2. Push the electrical harness out through the door bulkhead, and remove the electrical harness from the door.

Door - Rear - LH (Remove ) 

  1. Remove the bolt that attaches the door check to the B-pillar.


Unbolting the door check allows the door to swing freely beyond opening limits.

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. Remove the nuts that attach the door check inside the door, and remove the door check from the door. Torque 24 Nm

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. Loosen the upper bolt of each hinge that attaches the rear LH door to the hinge by approximately 5 mm.

Door - Rear - LH (Remove )

  1. With assistance, remove the lower bolt of each hinge, and then unhook and lift the door away from the vehicle.


     Door - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)- Install

    Install Install a new secondary door seal on the replacement door. See Seal - Secondary - Rear Door - LH (Remove and Replace). Make sure that the upper bolt for each door hinge is installed,

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