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Tesla Model 3: Easter Eggs

But wait, there's more! Below is a list of the Easter Eggs that have been discovered so far and how to access them. Alternatively, touch the Tesla "T" (top center of the touchscreen) then drag the About Your Tesla box downwards for one-touch access to all discovered Easter Eggs.

Note: For a shortcut to Easter Egg fun, touch the Toybox icon in the application launcher

For This...- Arcade

Do This...- Feeling nostalgic? While in Park, access games from the app launcher or your Easter Egg tray then select a game from the menu to play. Note that, depending on the game, you may need to use your steering wheel buttons or a USB controller to play.

For This...- Santa Mode

Do This...- "What have you been longing for?" Enjoy the holidays yearround with this one! Simply initiate a voice command (see Using Voice Commands) and say "Ho Ho Ho".

Or, if you are feeling extra sour, you can say "Ho Ho Ho Not Funny" instead.

For This...- Rainbow Road

Do This...- Need more cowbell? Visit Rainbow Road by moving the gear lever fully down four times in quick succession while Autosteer is enabled.

For This...- Sketchpad

Do This...- Triple-tap the Tesla "T" (top center of the touchscreen) and channel your inner Picasso. Show us what you got! Touch Publish to submit your artistic compositions to Tesla for critiquing.

For This...- Mars

Do This...- Press and hold the Tesla "T" (top center of the touchscreen) then enter mars in the access code popup. The map shows your Model 3 as a rover on the Martian landscape, and the About Your Tesla box displays SpaceX's interplanetary spaceship.

For This...- The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything

Do This...- Rename your car to 42 (see Naming Your Vehicle) and notice the new name of your Model 3.

For This...- Romance Mode

Do This...- You can't roast chestnuts by an open fire in your car, but you can still cozy up with your loved ones by this virtual fireplace. While in Park, access Romance Mode from your Easter Egg tray. Queue the music and get your romance on!

For This...- Emissions Testing Mode

Do This...- Holiday fun can come in surprising ways. Access Emissions Testing Mode from your Easter Egg tray, then select your preferred fart style and a target seat. Activate by pressing the left scroll wheel button when you're ready to "release" your prank.

For This...- TRAX

Do This...- It's never too late to follow your dream of becoming a world-famous DJ. With TRAX, you can turn your vehicle into your own personal music studio. While in Park, choose from an array of instruments and unique sounds to create the next hit song. Access TRAX through your Easter Egg tray on the touchscreen and get jamming. Microphone and headset not included (depending on vehicle configuration and market region, this may not be available on your vehicle).


     About this Owner Information

    Document Applicability Owner information is updated regularly to reflect updates to your vehicle. However, in some cases, recently released features may not be described. To display information ab


     Event Data Recorder (EDR)

    Model 3 is equipped with an event data recorder (EDR). The main purpose of an EDR is to record, in certain crash or near crash-like situations, such as an air bag deployment or hitting a road obst


     Harness - Body - RH- Install

    Install Install the RH body harness into the vehicle. Partially close all doors. Raise the vehicle. Move the rear portion of the electrical harness in through the RH side of the trunk bulkhead. Connect the electrical harness to the rear subframe harness connector and the RH electri

     Toe Link - Rear - LH (Remove and Replace)

      Remove Remove the LH rear wheel. See Wheel (Remove and Install).   Remove and discard the bolt a

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