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 Easter Eggs

But wait, there's more! Below is a list of the Easter Eggs that have been discovered so far and how to access them. Alternatively, touch the Tesla "T" (top center of the touchscreen

 About this Owner Information

Document Applicability Owner information is updated regularly to reflect updates to your vehicle. However, in some cases, recently released features may not be described. To display information ab



 Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) - Install

Install Position the subframe lifting tool against the front subframe, and then attach the straps (x3) to the subframe. Note: Make sure to align the two subframe lifting tool guides with the front subframe. Lower the front drive unit onto the front subframe Note: Make sure not to move the r

 Crush Can - Front - LH - Install

Install Install the LH front crush can into the LH front inner rail. Note: Lightly tap the crush can with a dead blow harmer to assist with installation into the inner rail. install the bolt that attaches the LH front fender support to the LH front crush can. Torque 35 Nm Instal

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