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Tesla Model 3: Getting Maximum Range

Driving Tips to Maximize Range

You can maximize your driving range using the same driving habits that you use to conserve fuel in a gasoline-powered vehicle. In addition to driving habits, energy consumption depends on environmental conditions (such as exceptionally cold or hot weather and driving on roads with steep hills).

To get the maximum range from a charge:

  • Slow down your driving and avoid frequent and rapid acceleration.
  • If safe to do so, modulate the accelerator pedal instead of using the brake pedal when gradually slowing down. Whenever Model 3 is moving and you are not pressing the accelerator pedal, regenerative braking slows down Model 3 and feeds surplus energy back to the Battery
  • Set Stopping Mode to HOLD to gain the benefit of regenerative braking at low driving speeds
  • Keep tires at the recommended inflation pressures
  • Lighten your load by removing any unnecessary cargo.
  • Fully raise all windows.
  • Limit the use of resources such as heating, lights, and air conditioning. Using seat heaters to keep warm is more efficient than heating the cabin

The power meter on the touchscreen and the Energy app provides feedback on energy usage. With this feedback, you can become familiar with how driving habits and environmental conditions impact how much energy Model 3 is using.

Energy App

Use the Energy app to view real-time and projected energy usage. Choose from two types of charts:

  • Consumption: display how much energy Model 3 has consumed over the past 5, 15 or 30 miles (10, 25 or 50 km).

Touch Instant Range or Average Range to adjust the projected range estimation.

Instant Range uses only the latest few data points to estimate the projected range, whereas Average Range uses the past 5, 15 or 30 miles (10, 25 or 50 km) of energy consumption to provide a more accurate projected range.

  • Trip: monitor the amount of energy being used while navigating to a destination.

    You can track actual usage against the initial prediction. The green line represents the actual usage whereas the gray line represents predicted usage. To change the zoom level, touch the zoom icon located in the top right corner of the chart.

Note: The Trip chart displays energy usage only if you are currently navigating to a destination.

Range Assurance

Model 3 helps protect you against running out of energy. Model 3 continuously monitors its energy level and proximity to known charging locations.

Touch the map's charging icon to
toggle between displaying superchargers only, and displaying all chargers, including destination chargers, and visited chargers

When you are at risk of driving beyond the range of known charging locations, the touchscreen displays a message giving you the opportunity to display a list of charging locations that are within range. When you select a charging location from the list, Model 3 provides navigation instructions and the turn-by-turn direction list displays the predicted amount of energy that will remain when you arrive at the charging destination.


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