Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Dashcam


 About Dashcam

Note: Dashcam is a BETA feature. In addition to supporting Autopilot features, the cameras can record and store video footage on a USB flash drive. This can be convenient in situations where you want

 Retrieving Footage

To retrieve video footage from the flash drive, remove the flash drive from the front USB port and use a personal computer or other device to access the files. Navigate to the "TeslaCam" fol

 Cold Weather Best Practices


 Power Conversion System- Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Connector Removal, Coolant, PCS, M3 (1111868-00-B) Kit, Svc Plug, Cooling Hose, Model 3 (1135762-00-A) Tool, Vacuum Cup, 3" x 6" (Qty 2) (1114917-00-A) Resistance meter, microohm, Hioki RM 3548 (1076927-00-A) Warning: Only technicians who have been trained in High Voltage Awareness

 Carpet - Side Panel - Center Console - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Note: Although the LH side is described, the procedure is the same for the RH side. Move the front LH front seat fully rearward. Remove the front LH floormat from the vehicle. Release the clips and tabs that attach the center console side panel carpet to the center console, and

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