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Tesla Model 3: Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Body / Windshield and Body Glass / Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace)


 Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace) - Remove

Remove Release the clips that attach the screw covers to the LH and RH rear coat hooks. Remove the screws that attach the LH and RH rear coat hooks to the body. Remove the package tray tri

 Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace) - Install

Attach suction cups to the LH and RH sides of the new backlight glass. With an assistant, position the backlight glass onto the vehicle for a dry fit and note any locations where the net pads nee

 Glass - Body - Rear Quarter - LH (Remove and Replace)


 Underhood Apron - Rear (Remove and Replace)

Remove Open the hood. Release the clips (x12) that attach the rear underhood apron to the vehicle, and then remove the apron from the vehicle. Install Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.

 Overhead Console - Front (Remove and Replace)

Remove Release the clips (x2) that attach the front overhead console to the headliner, and then lower the console from the headliner. Caution: To avoid damaging the headliner, do not pry against the headliner. Insert a 90 degree trim tool near the dome light and pull downwards to releas

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