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Tesla Model 3: Windshield and Body Glass

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Body / Windshield and Body Glass


 Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace)

 Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace) - Remove

Remove Release the clips that attach the screw covers to the LH and RH rear coat hooks. Remove the screws that attach the LH and RH rear coat hooks to the body. Remove the package tray tri

 Glass - Backlight (Remove and Replace) - Install

Attach suction cups to the LH and RH sides of the new backlight glass. With an assistant, position the backlight glass onto the vehicle for a dry fit and note any locations where the net pads nee


 Auto Lane Change

When Autosteer is active on a vehicle equipped with Auto Lane Change, you can use the turn signals to move Model 3 into an adjacent lane without moving the steering wheel (which would cancel Autosteer). Warning: It is the driver's responsibility to determine whether a lane change is safe

 Charging equipment faultTry different charging equipment(CP_a004)

The charge port is unable to detect whether a charge cable is inserted or the type of charge cable connected. If this alert appears while a charge cable is connected, it should be determined whether the issue is caused by the charging equipment or the vehicle. Try charging the vehicle using

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