Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Windshield (Remove and Install)


 Windshield (Remove and Install)-Remove

Remove Open all doors and lower all windows. Open the hood. Remove the rear underhood apron. See Underhood Apron - Rear (Remove and Replace). Remove the cabin intake duct. See Duct - Cabin I

 Windshield (Remove and Install)- Windshield Preparation

Windshield Preparation Use a razor blade and a blade scraper to remove the old urethane from the windshield flange on the vehicle. Install the GPS antenna into the windshield bracket, and th

 Windshield (Remove and Install)- Install

Install Note: Use soft materials to protect the windshield and to prevent scratching. Attach suction cups to the LH and RH sides of the windshield on the outside side of the windshield. W


 Rear Console

Your Model 3 has a rear console integrated in the center of the second row seat back. Pull the console down to access the rear cup holders, or use it as an armrest. Coat Hangers Your Model 3 has a coat hanger on each side of the vehicle in the second row. Push the coat hanger to release i

 Panel - Air Vent - Center Console (Remove and Replace)

Remove Move the driver seat and front passenger seat forward. Release the clips (x4) that attach the center console air vent panel to the center console, and separate the panel from the console. Disconnect the electrical harness from the center console rear USB hub connector,

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