Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: HomeLink Universal Transceiver


 About HomeLink

If your vehicle is equipped with the HomeLink Universal Transceiver, you can operate up to three Radio Frequency (RF) devices, including garage doors, gates, lights, and security systems. Note:

 Auto Opening and Closing

To operate a HomeLink device without touching the touchscreen, you can automate the device to open as you approach, and close as you drive away: Touch the HomeLink icon at the top of the touc

 Connecting to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available as a data connection method and is often faster than cellular data networks. Connecting to Wi-Fi is especially useful in areas with limited or no cellular connectivity. To e


 Actuator - 5-Way Valve (RWD) (Remove and Replace)

SPECIAL TOOLS Wrench, Diverter Valve, Model 3 (1447556-00-A) Remove Disconnect 12V power. See 12V Power (Disconnect and Connect). Remove the front aero shield. See Panel - Aero Shield - Front (Remove and Replace). From under the vehicle, disconnect the electrical harness from the 5-way

 Using Summon to Park and Retrieve your Vehicle

Follow these steps to use Summon to park your Model 3: Align Model 3 within 39 feet (12 meters) of the parking space so Model 3 can follow a straight path into or out of the space in either Drive or Reverse. From outside the vehicle, initiate the parking maneuver by touching Summon

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