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Tesla Model 3: Managing Keys

To display a list of all keys (phones, key cards, and key fobs) that can access your Model 3, touch Controls > Locks. An icon displays next to each key to indicate whether the key is a phone, key card, or key fob. Use this list to manage keys that have access to your vehicle.

To add or delete keys

Note: You can use the same key for more than one Model 3. This prevents you from having to deal with multiple keys when you switch vehicles. If you customize the name of an authenticated key card or key fob on one Model 3 (by touching the pencil icon), any other Model 3 to which the key card or key fob is authenticated also displays the same customized name.

Note: Model 3 supports up to 19 keys. When you reach this limit, you must delete a key before adding a new one.

Adding and Removing Keys

Adding a new key card or key fob:

Note: If adding a key fob, ensure the key fob is at room temperature. Pairing may be unsuccessful if the key fob is cold.

  1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks then touch + in the Keys section.
  2.  Scan your new key card or key fob on the key reader behind the cup holders on the top of the center console. After the new key card or key fob is recognized, remove it from the key reader.
  3. Scan an already-authenticated (i.e. already has access to the vehicle) key card or key fob on the key reader behind the cup holders on the top of the center console.
  4. When complete, the key list on the touchscreen displays the newlyauthenticated key. You can customize its name by touching the associated pencil icon.

Adding a new phone key:

Note: To add a new phone key, Bluetooth must be enabled and the phone must have the Tesla mobile app installed and connected to the vehicle's Tesla account.

  1. While sitting in the vehicle, open the Tesla mobile app and select the appropriate vehicle (if there are multiple vehicles associated with the account), then touch Phone Key > Start.
  2. Scan an already-authenticated key card or key fob on the key reader behind the cup holders on the top of the center console.
  3. When the mobile app notifies you that the pairing was successful, touch Done. The key list on the touchscreen (Controls > Locks) displays the new phone key. The name of the phone key is determined by the name used in the phone's settings.

Removing a key:

When you no longer want a key to access your vehicle (for example, you lost your phone or key card, etc.), you can remove the key.

  1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Locks.
  2. Find the key that you would like to delete in the key list, then touch the key's associated trash icon.
  3. When prompted, scan an alreadyauthenticated key card or key fob on the key reader behind the cup holders on the top of the center console to confirm the deletion. When complete, the key list no longer includes the deleted key.

Note: Your vehicle requires at least one authenticated key card or key fob at all times.

If only one key card is included on the key list, this key cannot be deleted.

Mobile App

In addition to using it to authenticate a phone as your Model 3 key, you can use the mobile app to communicate with Model 3 remotely using your iPhone or Android phone. With this app, you can:

  • View the vehicle's estimated range.
  • Lock or unlock Model 3 doors and trunks remotely.
  • Check charging progress, stop charging, and receive notifications when charging is started, interrupted, almost complete, or complete.

Note: When Supercharging, additional notifications alert you when you will be charged idle fees for parking at a supercharger after charging is complete.

The idle fees are waived if your vehicle is moved within five minutes of when the vehicle finishes charging.

  • Check the interior temperature and heat or cool the cabin before driving (even if it's in a garage).

Note: It is possible that your charge port latch may freeze in place in extremely cold weather or icy conditions. In cases where you cannot remove or insert the charge cable, or the car is not Supercharging due to the latch being frozen in place, use your Tesla mobile app to precondition your vehicle on HI for approximately 30-45 minutes (you must use your mobile app to precondition the vehicle; setting your climate to HI using the touchscreen will not be effective). This helps thaw ice on the charge port latch so the charge cable can be removed or inserted.

  • Locate Model 3 with directions, or monitor its movement across a map.
  • Flash the exterior lights or honk the horn to find Model 3 when parked.
  • Enable/disable Valet mode.
  • Enable Keyless Driving.

Note: Keyless Driving can be used to bypass PIN to Drive in cases where you forgot your PIN or your touchscreen is unresponsive.

  • Park or unpark Model 3 using Summon.
  • Retrieve Model 3 using Smart Summon, if available in your market region
  • Enable/disable Speed Limit Mode and receive notifications when the vehicle's driving speed is within approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) of your selected maximum speed
  • Support the Model 3 Calendar app by allowing the mobile app to send your phone's calendar data to Model 3.
  • Enable/disable Sentry Mode.
  • Open and close your garage door if your vehicle has a programmed HomeLink connection
  • Enable maximum defrost to warm your vehicle in cold conditions.
  • View available software downloads and download progress.
  • Vent and close all windows.
  • For supported video sources, send videos to play in the Tesla Theater by sharing the link through the mobile app.
  • Receive notifications if the security alarm is triggered.
  • Receive notifications when a software update is available or scheduled
  • Start software updates from afar.
  • Access your Tesla inbox.
  • View the odometer, VIN, and current software version.

Note: Some of these features require installation of the latest version of the mobile app.

Note: Do not rely on the unlock and start (keyless driving) functions of your mobile app, especially if parking in an area with limited or absent cellular service, such as an indoor parking garage. Tesla recommends that you always have a functional key (key fob, key card, connected phone key) readily available.

In the event that you require lockout assistance from Tesla due to a non-warranty issue, such as having limited cellular connectivity and having no secondary key available, your expenses are not covered under the Roadside Assistance policy.

Note: To allow the mobile app to communicate with Model 3, the phone must be connected to the internet and mobile access must be enabled (touch Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access on the touchscreen).

Note: If multiple vehicles are linked to the Tesla Account, you must switch to the Model 3 that you want to access in the mobile app before the phone can be used as a key

Note: To take advantage of new and improved features, download updated versions of the mobile app as they become available.

Caution: Tesla does not support the use of third party applications to contact Model 3.

Note: The above list may not represent an exhaustive list of the functions available on the Tesla mobile app. To ensure access to new and improved features, download updated versions of the mobile app as they become available.



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