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Tesla Model 3: Operating Navigate on Autopilot

Tesla Model 3 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Autopilot / Autosteer / Operating Navigate on Autopilot

Once enabled, the Navigate on Autopilot button appears on the map's turn-by-turn direction list whenever a navigation route is active and the route includes at least one controlled-access road. Touch this button to allow Navigate on Autopilot to assist you on your journey. When enabled, the Navigate on Autopilot button is blue and the turn-by-turn direction displays the Autosteer icon next to maneuvers (such as freeway exits) that Navigate on Autopilot will handle.

Navigate on Autopilot activates and deactivates as appropriate, based on the type of road you are driving on. For example, if Autosteer is active and the Navigate on Autopilot setting is turned on, Navigate on Autopilot automatically becomes active when you reach a supported controlled-access portion of your navigation route.

Whenever Navigate on Autopilot is active, the touchscreen displays the driving lane as a single blue line in front of Model 3:

Operating Navigate on Autopilot

When Navigate on Autopilot is active and you approach an off-ramp or freeway interchange along your navigation route, the appropriate turn signal engages and Autosteer maneuvers Model 3 onto the off-ramp or interchange.

Warning: Never depend on Navigate on Autopilot to determine an appropriate lane at an off-ramp. Stay alert and perform visual checks to ensure that the driving lane is safe and appropriate.

When you leave a controlled-access road (for example, you exit a freeway or you enter a section of the navigation route that is no longer supported), Navigate on Autopilot reverts back to Autosteer- a unique tripletone chime sounds and the touchscreen displays the driving lane lines in blue (instead of the single blue in front of Model 3). When you exit onto an off-ramp, the touchscreen briefly displays a countdown message warning you of the distance remaining before Navigate on Autopilot reverts back to Autosteer.

Note: The way Navigate on Autopilot determines navigation routes and maneuvers at freeway interchanges can be impacted by whether or not the navigation system is set up to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Therefore, ensure the Use HOV Lanes setting is appropriate for your circumstances. If the setting is off, Navigate on Autopilot never uses an HOV lane, regardless of time of day. If the setting is on, Navigate on Autopilot will always include the use of the HOV lane, whenever it exists.

Warning: Even when Navigate on Autopilot deactivates at off-ramps, Autosteer remains active. Always be prepared to take appropriate actions such as stopping at red lights and stop signs, and yielding to other road users.

Warning: Navigate on Autopilot may not always attempt to exit at an off-ramp, even when the exit is determined by the navigation route. Always remain alert and be prepared to manually steer onto the off-ramp, or make a required lane change.

You can cancel Navigate on Autopilot at any time by touching the Navigate on Autopilot button on the map's turn-by-turn direction list (your vehicle reverts back to Autosteer), or by canceling Autosteer entirely


     Lane Changes

    Navigate on Autopilot changes lanes to either prepare Model 3 for an upcoming off-ramp, to increase your driving speed (not to exceed your set cruising speed), or to move Model 3 out of a left-mos


     To Use Autopark

    Autopark (if equipped) uses data from the ultrasonic sensors and GPS to simplify parking on public roads by maneuvering Model 3 into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. Warning: Autopark


     Ensuring Accurate Occupant Classification

    To help ensure an occupant in the front passenger seat can be accurately classified, the passenger must: Wear a seat belt.  Sit upright on the center of the seat cushion, with shoulders resting against the seat back and legs extended comfortably in front with feet on the floor.

     Using Voice Commands

    Voice commands are designed to understand natural requests. You can use voice commands to: Call a contact. Navigate to a location. Listen to Internet music. Control various aspects of Model 3. To initiate a voice command, tap the microphone button on the touchscreen. When you hear

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