Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Retrieving Footage

To retrieve video footage from the flash drive, remove the flash drive from the front USB port and use a personal computer or other device to access the files. Navigate to the "TeslaCam" folder on the flash drive.

Within the "TeslaCam" folder, there are three sub-folders: Recent Clips, Saved Clips, and Sentry Clips. The footage in Recent Clips constantly loops in a 60-minute cycle when the cameras are activated. Therefore, the footage is constantly being overwritten every hour unless the footage is saved. When an event is recorded, one video is recorded for each of the front, rear, left, and right cameras.

Saved footage is located in either the Saved Clips or Sentry Clips folder. Footage in the Saved Clips folder contains all saved recordings from dashcam, which have been manually saved by touching the dashcam icon on the touchscreen. Sentry Clips contains all saved footage from Sentry Mode events, which have been automatically saved when the Alert or Alarm state was triggered. Once footage of a particular event is saved, the latest 10 minutes of video is archived in your flash drive labeled with a unique timestamp.

Note: As your USB flash drive runs out of available space, the oldest footage in Sentry Clips are deleted to make room for new footage. Once the old footage is deleted, you will be unable to retrieve them. When the flash drive is full, Sentry Mode and dashcam can no longer save video footage.

Note: To prevent the flash drive from getting full, move saved videos to another device as soon as possible.

Note: You are responsible for complying with all local laws, regulations, and property restrictions regarding video recordings.

Note: The cameras do not record audio.

Save Clips on Honk

Once a properly formatted USB flash drive is inserted in one of the vehicle's front USB ports, you can choose to save dashcam clips while driving when you honk the horn on your steering wheel. Navigate to Controls > Safety and Security > Save Clips on Honk > ON to enable. The most recent ten minutes of footage is saved. You can also save dashcam footage by touching the dashcam icon at the top of the touchscreen.

Pedestrian Warning System


The Pedestrian Warning System causes Model 3 to emit sound when driving below 20 mph (32 km/h). Electric vehicles operate quietly and this sound helps to alert pedestrians of your oncoming vehicle. The sound, which activates whenever Model 3 is shifted out of Park, and gets louder as speed increases.

The touchscreen displays this
indicator when the Pedestrian Warning System is not active.

Note: The Pedestrian Warning System is not available in vehicles manufactured prior to September 1, 2019.

Warning: If sound cannot be heard, pedestrians may not be aware of your oncoming vehicle, which may increase the likelihood of a collision resulting in serious injury or death. If the Pedestrian Warning System is not operating, immediately contact Tesla.


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