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Tesla Model 3: Seat Belt Pre-tensioners

The front seat belts are equipped with pre‑tensioners that work in conjunction with the airbags in a severe frontal collision. The pre‑tensioners automatically retract both the seat belt anchor and the seat belt webbing, reducing slack in both the lap and diagonal portions of the belts, resulting in reduced forward movement of the occupant.

The outboard seats are equipped with shoulder pre-tensioners to retract the seat belt webbing to reduce forward movement of the occupant.

Seat Belt Pre-tensioners

If the pre-tensioners and airbags did not activate in an impact, this does not mean they malfunctioned. It usually means that the strength or type of force needed to activate them was not present.

Warning: Once the seat belt pretensioners have been activated, they must be replaced. After any collision, have the airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners and any associated components checked and, if necessary, replaced.

Testing Seat Belts

To confirm that seat belts are operating correctly, perform these three simple checks on each seat belt.

  1. With the seat belt fastened, give the webbing nearest the buckle a quick pull.

    The buckle should remain securely locked.

  2. With the belt unfastened, unreel the webbing to its limit. Check that unreeling is free from snags, and visually check the webbing for wear. Allow the webbing to retract, checking that retraction is smooth and complete.
  3. With the webbing half unreeled, hold the tongue plate and pull forward quickly. The mechanism should lock automatically and prevent further unreeling.

If a seat belt fails any of these tests, contact Tesla immediately.

For information about cleaning seat belts

Seat Belt Warnings

Warning: Seat belts should be worn by all occupants at all times, even if driving for a very short distance. Failure to do so increases the risk of injury or death if a collision occurs.

Warning: Secure small children in a suitable child safety seat as described in the Child Safety Seat topic. Always follow the child safety seat manufacturer's instructions when installing.

Warning: Ensure that all seat belts are worn correctly. An improperly worn seat belt increases the risk of injury or death if a collision occurs.

Warning: Do not wear seat belts over hard, fragile or sharp items in clothing, such as pens, keys, eyeglasses, etc. The pressure from the seat belt on such items can cause injury.

Warning: Seat belts should not be worn with any part of the strap twisted.

Warning: Each seat belt assembly must be used by one occupant only. It is dangerous to put a seat belt around a child being carried on an occupant's lap.

Warning: Seat belts that have been worn in a collision must be inspected or replaced by Tesla, even if damage to the assembly is not obvious.

Warning: Seat belts that show signs of wear (such as fraying), or have been cut or damaged in any way, must be replaced by Tesla.

Warning: Avoid contaminating a seat belt's components with any chemicals, liquids, grit, dirt or cleaning products. If a seat belt fails to retract or latch into the buckle, it must be replaced immediately.

Contact Tesla.

Warning: Do not make modifications or additions that can prevent a seat belt mechanism from taking up slack, or that can prevent a seat belt from being adjusted to remove slack. A slack belt greatly reduces occupant protection.

Warning: Do not make modifications that can interfere with the operation of a seat belt, or that can cause a seat belt to become inoperable.

Warning: When seat belts are not in use, they should be fully retracted and not hanging loose. If a seat belt does not fully retract, contact Tesla.


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