Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Security Settings


 About the Security System

If Model 3 does not detect an authenticated phone, key fob, or key card and a locked door or trunk is opened, an alarm sounds and the headlights and turn signals flash. To deactivate the alarm, pr

 Sentry Mode

In Sentry Mode, cameras and sensors remain powered on and ready to record suspicious activity when the vehicle is locked and in Park. To turn Sentry Mode on or off, touch the Sentry Mode icon at

 USB Flash Drive Requirements for Videos and Recording

Flash drives used to store video from your vehicle's cameras must meet these requirements: Use a flash drive with as much available storage as possible, since video footage takes up a la


 Fuse - A/C Compressor - HV Battery- Install

Install Install the A/C compressor fuse to the RH penthouse bus, and then install new nuts to attach the fuse to the bus. Torque 2.5 Nm Generic Measurement - Actual busbars and fasteners might appear different Use the Hioki resistance meter to measure the resistance at the HV joint b

 Sensor - Radar - Front (Calibration)

Calibrate Perform a 4-wheel alignment. See Four Wheel Alignment (Check and Adjust). Connect a laptop with Toolbox to the vehicle. With an assistant, use Toolbox to perform a radar drive cycle calibration: For new radar applications, proceed to step 4. For existing radar applications,

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