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Tesla Model 3: About the Security System

If Model 3 does not detect an authenticated phone, key fob, or key card and a locked door or trunk is opened, an alarm sounds and the headlights and turn signals flash. To deactivate the alarm, press any button on the mobile app or tap your key card or key fob against the card reader located just below the Autopilot camera on the driver's side door pillar.

To manually enable or disable the alarm system, touch Controls > Safety & Security > Security Alarm. When enabled, Model 3 activates its alarm one minute after you exit, the doors lock, and a recognized key is no longer detected.

If your Model 3 is equipped with the optional security package, a battery-backed siren sounds in situations where a locked door or trunk is opened and Model 3 does not detect a key nearby. If the Tilt/Intrusion setting is on, the battery-backed siren also sounds if Model 3 detects motion inside the cabin, or if the vehicle is moved or tilted (for example, with a tow truck or jack). To turn the Tilt/Intrusion detection system on or off, touch Controls > Safety & Security > Tilt/Intrusion.

Note: If you plan to leave something that moves inside your locked Model 3, remember to turn off Tilt/Intrusion (if equipped). Motion detected inside Model 3 activates the intrusion alarm.

Note: The Security Alarm must be on to enable Tilt/Intrusion.

Note: The Intrusion Sensor automatically disables in situations where the climate control system is operating when you have left your vehicle.To override, you can manually turn the Intrusion Sensor on again after choosing Keep Climate On, Dog, or Camp Mode (touch Controls > Safety & Security > Tilt/Intrusion).

PIN to Drive

To increase security, you can prevent Model 3 from being driven until a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) is entered. To enable this setting, touch Controls > Safety & Security > PIN to Drive and follow the onscreen prompts to create a driving PIN.

Note: When enabled, in addition to having to enter the 4-digit driving PIN to drive, you must also use it to enter Valet mode for the first time and create the 4-digit valet PIN that you can use to enter and exit Valet mode. When in Valet mode, Model 3 can be driven without the need for the valet to enter a driving PIN. In addition, the PIN to Drive setting is disabled whenever Valet mode is active.

If you forget your driving PIN, or to disable PIN to Drive, return to this setting, touch the link to enter your Tesla login credentials, then follow the on-screen prompts.

Note: In the unlikely event that your touchscreen is unresponsive, you may be unable to enter the PIN. In this case, first try to restart the touchscreen. If the touchscreen is still unresponsive, you can still bypass PIN to Drive by enabling Keyless Driving in your mobile app.


     Sentry Mode

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