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Tesla Model 3: Sentry Mode

In Sentry Mode, cameras and sensors remain powered on and ready to record suspicious activity when the vehicle is locked and in Park.

To turn Sentry Mode on or off, touch the Sentry Mode icon at the top of your touchscreen. Alternatively, you can use voice commands, the mobile app, or you can touch Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode. To activate Sentry Mode using voice commands, say "Keep Tesla safe", "Keep my car safe", "Sentry on", or "Enable Sentry" (for details using voice commands

Note: Sentry Mode requires the Battery's charge level to be at least 20%. If the Battery falls below 20%, Sentry Mode turns off and the mobile app sends you a notification.

Note: Power consumption may increase while Sentry Mode is active.

Note: Software updates cannot be installed while Sentry Mode is activated.

Warning: Do not rely on Sentry Mode to protect Model 3 from all possible security threats. While it may help deter some threats, no security system can prevent all attacks.

Standby, Alert, and Alarm States

When in Sentry Mode, Model 3 may go through three states depending on its surroundings-Standby, Alert, and Alarm:

  • Standby - Your vehicle automatically enters the Standby state when you activate Sentry Mode. In the Standby state, the cameras constantly monitor the area surrounding Model 3 for possible security threats.
  • Alert - If Sentry Mode detects a threat, such as someone leaning on Model 3, Sentry Mode switches to the Alert state.

    The headlights flash and the touchscreen displays a message indicating that the cameras are recording the event.

  • Alarm - For major threats, such as someone breaking a window, Sentry Mode triggers the Alarm state. In the Alarm state, the security alarm activates, the audio system generates a loud and unexpected sound, and the message on the touchscreen displays in maximum brightness. Phones that are paired to the vehicle receive an alert from their mobile app that the alarm state is triggered. After 30 seconds, Sentry Mode returns to the Standby state.

When in the Alert or Alarm state, Sentry Mode saves the most recent ten minutes of footage prior to the event that triggered either state, provided that a properly configured USB flash drive is inserted into one of the USB ports

Note: When the Alarm state is triggered, the most recent six seconds prior to the security event may be sent to Tesla for temporary backup for approximately 72 hours. You can enable or disable the collection of this video at any time by touching "DATA SHARING" in Controls > Safety & Security.

Note: Sentry Mode can operate without a flash drive installed. If your vehicle enters the Alarm state, the security alarm activates and you will receive a notification on your phone. However, video recordings of the event are not available.

Location-Based Settings

You can customize Sentry Mode to automatically activate at specific locations where you park Model 3:

  • Exclude Home- Sentry Mode does not automatically activate at the location you set as Home in your Favorites list, but activates at every other location where you park.

Note: To set up your Home location, touch Navigate and hold down Home, then enter your address. Touch Save as Home.

  • Exclude Work- Sentry Mode does not automatically activate at the location you set as Work in your Favorites list, but activates at every other location where you park. Set your Work location the same way you set up your Home location, as previously described.
  • Exclude Favorites- Sentry Mode does not automatically activate at the locations in your Favorites list, but activates at every other location where you park.

Model 3 must be parked within 32 feet (10 meters) of a location listed as a Home, Work, or Favorite for Sentry Mode to recognize the location.


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