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Tesla Model 3: Carrier - Front End (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Body / Body Panels / Carrier - Front End (Remove and Replace)


 Carrier - Front End (Remove and Replace)- Remove

Remove Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the rear underhood apron. Remove the cabin intake duct. Remove the hood latch cover. Remove the underhood storage unit. Remove the front fasc

 Carrier - Front End (Remove and Replace)-Install

Install the clips that attach the front end module electrical harness to the front end carrier. Install the hood latch. Install the secondary hood latch actuator. With an assistant, position

 Door - Front - LH (Remove and Install)

Note: This procedure was formulated using a release candidate or production model. Follow safety requirements and use extreme caution when working on or near high-voltage systems and components.


 Controlling Lights

Touch Controls > Lights on the touchscreen to control the lights. In addition to the lights that you can control from the touchscreen, Model 3 has convenience lights that operate automatically based on what you are doing. For example, in low ambient lighting conditions, the interior ligh

 Wipers and Washers

Wipers To perform a single wipe with the windshield wipers, press and immediately release the button on the end of the left-hand steering column lever. To adjust the continuous wiper settings, touch the windshield wiper icon located in the "Cards" area on the touchscreen. The wipe

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