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Tesla Model 3: Connecting to a Paired Phone

Model 3 automatically connects with the last phone to which it was connected, provided it is within operating range and has Bluetooth turned on. If the last phone is not within range, it attempts to connect with the next phone that it has been paired with.

To connect to a different phone, touch the Bluetooth icon on the top of the touchscreen.

The Bluetooth window displays a list of paired phones. Choose the phone you want to connect to, then touch Connect. If the phone you want to connect to is not listed, you must pair the phone.

When connected, the Model 3 touchscreen displays the Bluetooth symbol next to the phone name to show that the connection is active.

Using the Phone App

When your phone is connected to Model 3 using Bluetooth, and you have allowed access to your phone's contacts, you can use the phone app to display and make a hands-free call to anyone listed on your phone:

  • Recent Calls list. The list displays calls in chronological order with the most recent call listed first. You can display all calls or just those that are missed, incoming, or outgoing.
  • Contacts: Contacts are listed in alphabetical order and can be sorted by first name or last name. You can also choose a letter on the right side of the list to quickly scroll to the names that begin with the selected character. When you touch a name on your contacts list, the contact's available number(s) displays on the right pane, along with other available information (such as address). Touch the contact's number to make a call.

You can also view, send, and receive text messages on the touchscreen. Instead of typing a text message, touch the microphone to enter text using your voice.

Warning: To minimize distraction and ensure the safety of vehicle occupants as well as other road users, do not view or send text messages when the vehicle is in motion. Pay attention to road and traffic conditions at all times when driving.

Making a Phone Call

You can make a phone call by:

  • Speaking a voice command
  • Choosing a number from your contact or recent calls list in the phone app.
  • Using the Model 3 on-screen dialer in the phone app.

Note: If it is safe and legal to do so, you can also initiate a call by dialing the number or selecting the contact directly from your phone.

Note: You can also make a phone call by touching a pin on the map and choosing the phone number (if available) on the popup window.

Receiving a Phone Call

When your phone receives an incoming call, the touchscreen displays the caller's number or name (if the caller is in your phone's contact list and Model 3 has access to your contacts).

Touch one of the options on the touchscreen to Answer or Ignore the call.

Note: Depending on the phone you are using and what speakers you used for your most recent call, your phone may prompt you to choose which speakers you want to use for the incoming call.

Warning: Stay focused on the road at all times while driving. Using or programming a phone while driving, even with Bluetooth enabled, can result in serious injury or death.

Warning: Follow all applicable laws regarding the use of phones while driving, including, but not limited to, laws that prohibit texting and require hands-free operation at all times.



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