Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Driver Profiles


 Creating a Driver Profile

When you first adjust the driver's seat, steering wheel, or driver's side mirror, the touchscreen prompts you to create a driver profile to save these adjustments. Your profile also saves some of

 Linking a Driver Profile to a Key

You can link a driver profile to a key (or keys) to allow Model 3 to automatically select the correct driver profile when the linked key is detected as you approach the vehicle and open the driver

 Steering Wheel

Scroll Buttons A scroll button is located on each side of the steering wheel. Use your thumb to press this button to the right or left. You can also press the button or roll it up or down.


 Subframe Assembly - Front (RWD) - Install

Install Position the subframe lifting tool against the front subframe, and then attach the straps (x3) to the subframe. Note: Make sure to align the two subframe lifting tool guides with the front subframe. Lower the front drive unit onto the front subframe Note: Make sure not to move the r

 Puddle Light - Front Door - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Use a small screwdriver or pry tool in the slot at the front of the puddle light to pry the light out of the bottom of the front LH door trim panel. Release the clips that attach the front of the puddle light to the bottom of the door trim panel, and then separate the light f

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