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Tesla Model 3: Driving Status

When Model 3 is driving (or ready to drive), the touchscreen shows your current driving status and a real-time visualization of the road as detected by the Autopilot components. The visualization automatically zooms in and out to better utilize touchscreen space and inform you when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot.

Note: The following illustration is provided for demonstration purposes only. Depending on vehicle options, software version, and market region, the information displayed may be slightly different.

Driving Status

  1. Driving speed.
  2. On the energy bar, black (or white in night brightness) represents energy being used during acceleration and green indicates energy being gained through regenerative braking. A dashed line appears on the energy bar when power available for acceleration or power that can be gained by regenerative braking is being limited.

    Model 3 limits power for many reasons.

    Here are just a few examples:

  • Acceleration may be limited when the Battery is reaching a low state of charge or if the powertrain is hot.
  • Both acceleration and regenerative braking may be limited when the ambient temperature is either very warm or cool.
  • Regenerative braking may be limited when the Battery is fully charged.
  1. Currently selected gear: Park, Reverse, Neutral, or Drive.
  2. Autosteer (if equipped). When Autosteer is available but you haven't activated it, the icon is gray. When Autosteer is actively steering Model 3, the icon is blue.
  3.  The car in front of you (if applicable).
  4.  Your Model 3. Colored lines radiate from the image of your Model 3 as objects are detected (other motorists, guard rails, etc.). The location of the lines correspond to the location of the detected object. The color of the lines (white, yellow, orange, or red) represents the object's proximity to Model 3, with white being the farthest and red being very close and requiring your immediate attention.
  5. When Autosteer is active (if equipped) and detecting the driving lane, the lane is highlighted in blue
  6. Total estimated driving distance (or energy) available. Instead of driving distance, you can display the percentage of battery energy remaining. To do so, touch Controls > Display > Energy Display > Energy

Note: When anticipating when you need to charge, use range estimates as a general guideline only.

  1. The detected speed limit
  2. The set cruising speed. When Traffic- Aware Cruise Control (if equipped) is available but you haven't set a cruising speed, the icon is gray and the speed is not shown

Warning: Pay attention to important alert messages that display on the car status window. Ignoring these messages can result in serious injury or death.

Warning: Although the touchscreen shows surrounding traffic, some vehicles may not be displayed. Never rely on the touchscreen to determine if a vehicle is present (for example, in your blind spot).

Always use your mirrors and perform shoulder checks.


     Wipers and Washers

    Wipers To perform a single wipe with the windshield wipers, press and immediately release the button on the end of the left-hand steering column lever. To adjust the continuous wiper settings,

     Braking and Stopping

     Braking Systems

    Warning: Properly functioning braking systems are critical to ensure safety. If you experience a problem with the brake pedal, brake caliper, or any component of a Model 3 braking system, contact


     Motor - Recliner - Backrest - Driver Seat (Remove and Replace)

    Remove Remove the lumbar support assembly from the driver's seat back. See Lumbar Support - Backrest - Driver Seat (Remove and Replace). Remove and discard the clip that attaches the recliner tube to the frame. Use a rubber hammer to tap the recliner tube where the clip was located

     Hose - Chiller to Car Computer and HV Battery Supply Manifold (Dual Motor) (Remove and Replace)

    SPECIAL TOOLS Plug,Car Computer Fluid Port (1119171-00-A) Kit, Svc Plug, Cooling Hose, Model 3 (1135762-00-A) Remove Remove the front subframe assembly. See Subframe Assembly - Front (Dual Motor) (Remove and Install). Disconnect the electrical harness from the chiller and EXV assembly hos

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