Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: HV Battery Assembly


 HV Battery (RWD) (Remove and Install)

 HV Battery (RWD) (Remove and Install) - Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Adapter, Lift Pad, Model 3 (1453419-00-A) Key, Seat Belt Release, Model 3 (1133787-00-A) ASY, Battery Table, Manual Lift (1020566-00-F) Top Plate, Battery Table, Manual Lift (1020566-99-

 HV Battery (RWD) - Install

Install Perform step 11 through step 26 of the penthouse air leak test on the HV battery. See Penthouse Air Leak Test. Hand-tighten the adjustable elements (x4) on the penthouse cover cou


 Steering Column - Install

Install Put the steering column in the vehicle for installation.   Install the nuts that attach the steering column to the cross ca

 Underhood Apron - Rear (Remove and Replace)

Remove Open the hood. Release the clips (x12) that attach the rear underhood apron to the vehicle, and then remove the apron from the vehicle. Install Installation procedure is the reverse of removal.

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