Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: HV Battery Assembly


 HV Battery (RWD) (Remove and Install)

 HV Battery (RWD) (Remove and Install) - Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Adapter, Lift Pad, Model 3 (1453419-00-A) Key, Seat Belt Release, Model 3 (1133787-00-A) ASY, Battery Table, Manual Lift (1020566-00-F) Top Plate, Battery Table, Manual Lift (1020566-99-

 HV Battery (RWD) - Install

Install Perform step 11 through step 26 of the penthouse air leak test on the HV battery. See Penthouse Air Leak Test. Hand-tighten the adjustable elements (x4) on the penthouse cover cou


 Summary of Controls

Control tabs and open glovebox. When you select an item from the list of tabs, its associated controls and options display in the main viewing area. Main viewing area. The options available for your chosen controls category display here. Note: Depending on vehicle configuration an

 Hinge - Trunk - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the trunk assembly. See Trunk (Remove and Install). Remove the LH side trunk trim. See Trim - Side - Trunk - LH (Remove and Replace). Use masking tape to mark the position of the trunk hinge on the body. Remove the LH trunk gas strut. See Gas Strut - Trunk - LH (Remove and

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