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Tesla Model 3: Panel - Door Trim - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Interior Trim / Door Trim / Panel - Door Trim - Front - LH (Remove and Replace)


 Panel - Door Trim - Front - LH (Remove and Replace) - Remove

Remove Open the front LH door, and fully lower the window. Remove the front LH door tweeter. See Tweeter - Front Door - LH (Remove and Replace). Remove the LH front door puddle light. See

 Panel - Door Trim - Front - LH (Remove and Replace) - Install

Install Inspect the condition of the LH front door and the LH front door trim panel. Replace any broken clips and repair any damage. Bring the trim panel to the door, and rest it on the door edge

 Panel - Door Trim - Rear - LH (Remove and Install)


 Software Update Preferences

You can choose how quickly and often you receive software updates. To change your preference, navigate to Controls > Software > Software Update Preferences and choose either of these options: STANDARD: Receive software updates using the normal rollout timeframe for your region and

 Navigate on Autopilot

Note: Navigate on Autopilot is a BETA feature and is not available in all market regions. When using Autosteer on a controlled-access road (such as a highway or freeway), Navigate on Autopilot automatically exits at off-ramps and interchanges based on your navigation route. Along the highway p

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