Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Interior Trim


 Interior Mirror and Sun Visors

 Check Base - Sun Visor - Driver (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the LH instrument panel end cap. See End Cap - Instrument Panel - LH (Remove and Replace). Release the clips that attach the LH air wave end cap to the main instrument panel

 Sun Visor - Driver (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove the fastener that attaches the driver sun visor to the vehicle. Torque 6 Nm Disconnect the electrical connector from the driver sun visor. Remove the driver sun visor fro


 Inverter Air Leak Test

  DRAFT Warning: This procedure was derived from pre-production computer models, and might not reflect the real-world situation. Warnings and cautions might be missing. Follow safety requirements and use extreme caution when working on or near

 Headlight - LH- Install

Install Install the LH headlight to the vehicle. Caution: Do not damage the headlight during installation. Install the fastener(s) that attach the LH headlight to the body.  Torque 5.9 Nm Install the bolt that attaches the fender bracket to the body. Torque 3 Nm Connec

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