Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Trim - Package Tray (Remove and Install)


 Trim - Package Tray (Remove and Install) - Remove

Remove Remove the 2nd row lower seat cushion. See Seat Cushion - Lower - 2nd Row (Remove and Replace). Remove the LH 2nd row seat side bolster. See Bolster - Side - Seat - 2nd Row - LH (Remove

 Trim - Package Tray (Remove and Install) -  Install

Install Install the package tray trim to the vehicle. Note: Slide the package tray rearwards to install it to the vehicle, and then attach the package tray to the body with tabs. Install t

 Underhood Storage Unit (Remove and Replace)



Overview The Calendar app allows you to view scheduled events from your phone's (iPhone or Android) calendar for the current and next day. The Calendar is conveniently integrated with navigation and the Phone app so you can navigate to, or dial into, your next meeting. The Calendar app requ

 About Dashcam

Note: Dashcam is a BETA feature. In addition to supporting Autopilot features, the cameras can record and store video footage on a USB flash drive. This can be convenient in situations where you want a video recording of a particular incident, such as a collision. You can pause, resume, or save vid

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