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Tesla Model 3: Underhood Storage Unit (Remove and Replace)

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Service Manual / Interior Trim / Luggage Compartment Trim / Underhood Storage Unit (Remove and Replace)


 Underhood Storage Unit (Remove and Replace) - Remove

Remove Remove the rear underhood apron. See Underhood Apron - Rear (Remove and Replace). Remove the cabin intake duct. See Duct - Cabin Intake (Remove and Replace). Remove the hood latch cove

 Underhood Storage Unit (Remove and Replace) - Install

Install Install the reinforcement clips that are attached to the underhood storage unit, if installing a new the underhood storage unit. Otherwise, skip to the next step if reusing the underh

 Carpeting and Mats


 Penthouse Coolant Leak Test

DRAFT Warning: This procedure was derived from pre-production computer models, and might not reflect the real-world situation. Warnings and cautions might be missing. Follow safety requirements and use extreme caution when working on or near high voltage systems and components. SPECIAL TOOLS Dri

 Paint Defect Rectification

Note: This procedure was designed to be performed on flat or near-flat metal body panels with original factory paintwork. Any deviation from these circumstances can alter cutting times, tool speeds, and the ideal amount of pressure to be applied to the body panel. If uncertain about a defect, fol

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