Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Center Console


 Armrest - Center Console (Remove and Replace)

Remove Remove and attach the customer's belongings from the armrest, if needed. Lower all the windows, and then move the LH and RH front seats forward. Remove the center console lower rear pane

 Carpet - Side Panel - Center Console - LH (Remove and Replace)

Remove Note: Although the LH side is described, the procedure is the same for the RH side. Move the front LH front seat fully rearward. Remove the front LH floormat from the vehicle. Rele

 Center Console (Remove and Install)


 Link - Fore - Lower - Rear - LH - Remove

  SPECIAL TOOLS Tool, Spring Compressor, Hook, Model 3 (1135103-00-A)  Remove Raise and support the vehicle. See Raise Vehicle - 2 Post Lift. Remove the LH rear wheel. See Wheel (Rem


Remove the cutting pad from the buffer, and then install a polishing pad on the buffer. Apply 4 evenly spaced 20 mm diameter dollops of polishing compound on the polishing pad. Set the buffer speed according to region, and while the buffer is off, place the tool on top of the affected area. NA:

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