Tesla Model 3 Owners & Service Manuals

Tesla Model 3: Roadside Assistance

This is crucial information for owners who have breakdowns or emergencies while driving. It gives a summary of the services and contact details available for Tesla's roadside assistance program.

This section describes what an emergency is—such as a flat tire, malfunctioning car, issue with the battery, or accident—and provides contact information for the Tesla Roadside Assistance team by phone, web support, or mobile application.

It includes the same kinds of services as the Tesla program, including basic repairs, lockout help, tire replacements, jump starting, and towing. It also goes over the anticipated response time, what influences it, and any coverage exclusions or limits.

This section also describes any related expenses and the process by which roadside assistance services are arranged with Tesla service locations. Its overall goal is to provide Model 3 owners with the assistance and direction they require in case of unforeseen circumstances while driving.


 Contacting Tesla Roadside Assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance is available to you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the duration of your warranty period. When contacting Tesla Roadside Assistance, please provide: The Vehic

 Instructions for Transporters

DO NOT TRANSPORT WITH WHEELS ON THE GROUND The rear motor in Model 3 generates power when the wheels spin. Always transport Model 3 with all four tires off the ground. Ensure that the tires are un

 Approved Methods for Transporting

Note: The tires are allowed to rotate slowly (under 3 mph or 5 km/h) and for a very short distance (less than 30 feet or 10 meters) only when Transport Mode is enabled while the vehicle is being w


 SIM Card - Car Computer (Remove and Replace)

DRAFT Warning: This procedure was derived from pre-production computer models, and might not reflect the real-world situation. Warnings and cautions might be missing. Follow safety requirements and use extreme caution when working on or near high voltage systems and components. Remove Remove

 Passthrough - DCDC - 12V- Remove

SPECIAL TOOLS Skt, 1/4in Dr, 5-Lobe Torx Plus External (1059330-00-B) Resistance meter, microohm, Hioki RM 3548 (1076927-00-A) Remove Remove the high voltage controller. See Controller - High Voltage (Remove and Replace). Remove the nut that attaches the positive terminal of the DCDC harne

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